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The latest released version of Flax is Flax 0.1.3, based on Chia™ 1.2.9. For your security, we urge vigilance when running untrusted code that has access to your valuable private keys. The Flax Network website (flaxnetwork.org) and GitHub (Flax-Network) are the only trusted source of binaries for Flax.

You may audit the diff between upstream Chia™ and Flax for this version here: source code diff between Chia 1.2.9 and Flax 0.1.3.

Flax 0.1.3 Release Notes

Flax 0.1.3, based on Chia 1.2.9.

This is a bugfix release that fixes a major issue (present in Chia 1.2.7 and below) that allows a malicious transaction to propagate and prevent block creation, thereby stopping the network (see blaktron's article: https://thechiaplot.net/2021/10/05/the-real-reason-behind-the-chia-blockchain-1-2-8-release/). We urge you to upgrade at your earliest convenience.

With this release, you will immediately get 0.25 XFX when finding a block with NFT plots. The remaining 1.75 XFX will enter your wallet automatically in one week (this is a limitation of the pooling contract). You can track pending NFT payouts at https://flaxexplorer.org/nft.

Installers (Flax 0.1.3)

Installers are provided for your convenience (view the Flax 0.1.3 release on GitHub).

Windows (does not work with Windows 7)

Windows EXE installer

Linux (Intel)

Debian / Ubuntu Linux Intel x86_64 DEB installer

Linux RPM installer

Linux (ARM64, Raspberry Pi)

Debian / Ubuntu Linux ARM64 DEB installer (works with Raspberry Pi)


macOS DMG installer

Note: at this stage, our macOS binaries are not yet signed by an Apple certificate, so you will need to use the workaround here to run Flax on macOS. This will be fixed in the future.

Source code installation

You may also choose to build directly from source.


Instructions for how to do so as well as troubleshooting guidance are available on the Chia™ Wiki (just replace chia with flax).

Node information

Flax should automatically connect to the network, facilitated by WebSocket and DNS-based introducers, but for your reference, here are some nodes that we are running for the network to help you connect. Flax's main network port is TCP 6888. Check out our Discord for more guidance.

Node type Node address Port
DNS introducer dns-introducer.flaxnetwork.org (DNS)
WebSocket introducer introducer.flaxnetwork.org 6888
Full node node-1.flaxnetwork.org 6888
Full node node-2.flaxnetwork.org 6888
Full node node-3.flaxnetwork.org 6888
Full node node-4.flaxnetwork.org 6888
Full node node-5.flaxnetwork.org 6888
Full node node-6.flaxnetwork.org 6888
Full node node-7.flaxnetwork.org 6888
Full node node-8.flaxnetwork.org 6888
Full node node-9.flaxnetwork.org 6888
Full node node-10.flaxnetwork.org 6888
Full node node-11.flaxnetwork.org 6888
Full node node-12.flaxnetwork.org 6888

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